My Batty Batso
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Trained by Darryl Durham Sr.
The Old Dog
Durham Working Dogs
Just for Laughs!!
Batty Batso the Terrible
America's Most Wanted Dog
Disorderly Behavior
of a

Chargers For Bitting:
2 Mailmen
4 Policemen
6 Girl Scouts
The entire Indianapolis National Guard

Bad To The Bone!!!
Batty Bats was brought to the Human Society on Friday
February 10, 2012 and adopted by Darryl Durham of
Durham Working Dogs three weeks later on March, 3,2012.
Once Bats entered into Durham Working Dogs training
programs in March of 2012. Batso graduated from
obedience, retrieving, tracking and trailing training
programs with flying colors. And now after all the hard work
Batso is Durham Working Dogs number one mix breed
working and demo dog.
Durham Working Dogs would like to thank
the Humane Society for calling Durham
Working Dogs on Batso behalf.
Thank You, Francis Childers for the picture
for Durham Working Dog's website.
On April 23, 2014 - My bad to the bone Rat Terrier mix I
adopted from the Humane Society of Indianapolis has
passed the Therapy Dogs International (TDI)
Certification and American Kennel Club Canine Good
Citizen (CGC) Certification. Now on to the AKC
Companion Dog 1 (VCD1) - CD, NA, NAJ, TD or CD,
NAP, NJP, TD. Batso given a second chance to
become a working dog for the public is great!!!
Congratulation to Batso Durham!!!
On April 23, 2014
Batso In Sit Position Stay for 5 Minutes
Click to See Video
Click to see Video