From My Best Friend Nemo
From My Best Friend Nemo

Have you heard the saying that dog is man's best friend, but do you understand
what that saying really means?

In the summer of 1996, on a rainy night after coming home from an awful day of
work as a quality engineer, I sat on my couch and started reviewing the problems
that had occurred earlier at work. I thought hard about how I was going to correct
the situation tomorrow when I returned to the job. Then I remembered I needed to
feed the dogs. I thought, "What else can happen to me today? My day at work
was a mess, and now I have to go feed the dogs in the rain!"

I put on my raincoat, went downstairs to the basement, retrieved the dog food and
headed into the rain. I finished feeding everybody but Nemo, a 6 year old German
Shepherd. Nemo was trained as a working dog and was my right hand.

I stood there in the entrance to Nemo's kennel, emptied the rain water out of his
bowl, then started to fill it up with food. Nemo came out of his doghouse like
always. I didn't say a word to him; I just continued to fill the dog bowl. My thoughts
were still at work and not on what was going around me. The next thing I knew,
Nemo jumped up and pushed me down onto the wet grassy yard. We started
wrestling like two kids. I'm now covered with mud and grass. As quickly as this
wrestling match started, all of a sudden it was over. Nemo returned to his kennel
as if nothing had happened and started eating.

I'm sitting in the rain on my butt covered with mud and grass trying to understand
what had just happened. Then I realized my best friend had sensed that
something was wrong with me because I wasn't my normal playful self. Nemo
wanted to cheer me up by taking my mind off my problems. While sitting in the
rain covered with mud and grass, I realized all the problems of the world were no
big deal. For that moment in time wrestling with Nemo, I was a kid again--just
wrestling in the grass with my dog. My best friend did it! He cheered me up.

It's said a dog can sense what its owner is feeling, and now I know it to be true. I
told Nemo thanks and gave him a pat on the head for cheering me up. I returned
to the house covered with mud and grass but feeling much better about my day.

Thank you for all the fun times and great memories:

Rest In Peace
My Best Friend
Nemo Von Der Durham Haus 1990 - 2004

Darryl Durham Sr.
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