Why We Train Man Best Friend
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Man's Best Friend

Why Do We Need To Train Man’s Best Friend?

In the records of man’s existence on earth, wolves have never been man’s best

The wolf is a predator, but will generally pass up livestock due to shyness of
humans.   During hard winters wolves are driven and have been known to prey on
domestic livestock.  The farmer’s only means to secure his farm was to kill the

But through the years the wolf has branched out into different species of dogs
through breeding by humans.   Some dogs were bred for search and rescue,
while others were bred to herd and hunt animals as well as many other purposes,
becoming man’s best friend.   

Please be sure to select the correct puppy/dog for your family and environment.   

Sometimes puppies/dogs are placed in an unlikely environment, such as when a
high-energy working dog is placed in a two-bedroom apartment.   Then the owner
becomes a little unhappy with man’s best friend because puppy/dog has started
damaging items in the apartment.   

This is one of the main reasons why man’s best friends end up without a home.   
Dog owners may think their puppy/dog has a behavior problem, when puppy/dog
is only doing what it was bred to do. Or the owner may have failed to notice a
behavior problem in the early stages of the puppy’s life.   

The owner now needs someone to help with man’s best friend’s behavior problem
or to just understand his/her dog’s temperament.   

This is where the owner would need the support of a professional trainer. A
trained dog has a stronger bond with its owner.  A trained dog also has more
confidence in its owner while working as a team.   

The dog also learns the owner’s temperament and will develop a list of vocabulary
words by listening to its owner’s speech, like sit, stay, down, and come.   Your dog
will grow more confident in you, as its owner, once these words are obtained.
For example:

If you placed a one-year-old child in a room all by itself until he/she become a
adult without human contact, this adult wouldn’t be able to communicate and
would not understand common instructions, or may have some behavior
problems.   As humans, we understand words and know how to communicate to
one another by human contact.

Now add this situation to a puppy:
A puppy matures faster than a child.  Place the puppy in the same environment
as the child in the above example. This puppy will not have a vocabulary list of
words spoken to it and can become easily scarred for life, causing a behavior
problem.   Without human contact, an animal wouldn’t be as refined as an animal
who has had human contact.

This is where the “Child Theory” training comes into a puppy’s life.   Most of man’s
best friends need to be taught obedience training as you would a child.   Having
your puppy/dog obedience trained to sit, stay, and come helps your puppy/dog
adapt to your lifestyle and environment.   Walking on and off lead when the time
comes are some of the most important things in your puppy/dog's life.

The environment is one of the strongest influences a puppy/dog can have in its
life.   Involve your child/children into your puppy/dog life to support the pack
theory.   And you having man’s best friend obedience trained will help your family
grow stronger as a pack.

By Darryl T. Durham Sr.
Owner/ Trainer
Of Durham Working Dogs